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Joseph teaches private music lessons from his studio in Kirkwood, Missouri (pictured above). He currently offers lessons on the following instruments:

Drums and percussion (drum set, snare drum, concert percussion, drumline/marching percussion, mallet percussion, jazz). All skill levels welcome.

Piano and keyboards (fundamentals, improvisation, beginning jazz). Beginner to intermediate-level students.

Guitar, bass guitar, and ukulele (fundamentals, improvisation). Beginner students.

Scheduling: To schedule a lesson, or for more information, please call Joseph at 314-378-4094, email him at hibbs.jw@gmail.com, or fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Notes about Joseph’s approach to teaching music:

  1. Joseph places a strong emphasis on improvisation, considers it a fundamental musical skill, and teaches it to all interested students.

  2. Joseph believes that one of the quickest ways to improve as a musician is to play songs with others. As such, he generally devotes a portion of each lesson to playing songs with each student, providing accompaniment on piano, guitar, or percussion.

  3. Joseph believes that proper instrumental technique is essential. As such, he teaches basic technique on all instruments and emphasizes playing without unnecessary tension.

  4. Joseph believes that an understanding of music theory (including reading, ear training, and composition) can help immensely in the cultivation of musicianship, and he can assist students in developing their skills in these areas.

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